Frequently Asked Questions

Mild to moderate psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, minor burns and acne.

Yes you can. We suggest you use it like a hair mask- leave it for 20-30 min then wash out with a mild SLS free shampoo

Yes, but we recommend a patch test on a small area before use. If symptoms persist or appear worse, please visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Yes but we recommend a patch test before use as your skin can be sensitive to new products during this time.

This varies to the individual and the extent of the skin condition. There are many genetic, physiological and environmental factors that may attribute to your skin being compromised, as well as individual sensitivities. We have aimed to exclude many known irritants and include supporting extracts to assist in skin repair in the Calm Cream formula. Typically you should see improvement within the week if applied  3-4 times a day. We recommend continued use for atleast 2-3 months to see the full benefits. If you do experience adverse results please discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.

We used certified organic ingredients as much as we can (over 50%) but it is difficult to obtain both certified organic and TGA accreditation as a listed medicine using permissible ingredients. We can say that over 90% of the ingredients used are of natural or plant-based origin.

No- it contains beeswax and honey.

Australian standard orders usually arrive within 5 business days, International approximately 7-14 Business days. Please visit the "Delivery" page on this website for more information. If you have any concerns or have not received your order within this time, please email us at at any time.

Sorry, not at this stage.

Yes we have selected ingredients with known low irritant profiles but we do recommend an initial patch test 24 hrs prior to use.